What type of clothing should be worn?
All participants are required to wear socks, shirts and shorts/pants must be worn at all times (no swim suits please). Clothing must be worn over diapers or pull ups.

Do children have to be toilet trained to be able to participate?
Children wearing diapers/pull ups may participate as long as clothing is worn over them. We ask that you use the appropriate restrooms to change your child’s diapers.

Can my child participate if he is wearing a cast?
For safety reasons, any child wearing a cast, splint or brace will not be allowed to participate in the play area.

Can adults play in the jumpers?
Parents are encouraged to help their children on the jumpers and can play on them as long as there are no children in their way. Parents are responsible for following all posted rules.

Are deposits refundable?
No. All deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions.

When is the latest I can change my date and time of the party?
You have 2 weeks prior to your scheduled party date to reschedule with no additional deposit required.

What happens if I need reschedule my party after the 2 weeks?
You will be required to leave another $100 deposit for your new date, given the date and time is available to you.

What happens if I can or do not show to my scheduled event?
Your deposit will not be refunded and a full charge of your event will be charged.
How early can I arrive?
You and your guest may start arriving 10 minutes before your schedule party time.

Can I bring my own decorations?
Yes, you are welcomed to bring your own decorations at no extra cost.

What can I bring in for my party at no extra cost?
You are welcomed to bring in water, juice boxes, cake, cupcakes, chips and dip, and two cold side items. For example, salad, fruit tray, veggie tray.

Can I have more than 25 kids?
Yes. If your exceed your 25 kid capacity, any child after the 25 count will be $8 each.

What is allowed in the playroom?
You are only allowed to have water.