Hello and thank you for your interest in hosting your party here at Fun City!

Our goal here is to make sure your event is as stress free as possible. As part of any package, you get one to two host to help assist with your party. They go over instructions, they guide you throughout your entire event, they decorate the room for you (you are more than welcomed to bring decorations in at no extra cost to you), they set up your food for you, and they clean up for you as well. We really do aim to make everything as easy and hands free as possible for you. But of course, if you would like to decorate the room yourself, there is no problem with that, just note we are here to help you ­čÖé

We have three room: one arcade room, one large play room with 6 large jumpers, and a dining room that hold roughly about 45-60 people. Parties are normally 2.5 hours and we do work on rotation. Meaning, 1.5 hour in the play room and 1 hour in the dining room. When you enter the dining room, there is no more going back into the play room, as there is more than likely another party entering the play room. (note, these are private events) Of course if you would like a longer party, you are more than welcomed to add more time. Every 30mins is $60. Any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

To take a look at the facility, we can always schedule an appointment for you to come on in and get a tour or you can visit us on our Facebook page, Fun City Party, and watch a video of the facility. Also, we do have reviews on Yelp, under new ownership, if you are interested in knowing how we do.

I have attached a couple documents: our brochure, for package information, our waivers for your guest to fill out prior to your event, our invitation that you are more than welcomed to use, and our contract so you can look over and understand what is permitted and what is not permitted into the facility, along with our policy here at Fun City.

We highly recommend booking a month or two in advance in order for you to get your time and date in which you are looking for. There is a $100 non refundable deposit required, but your deposit will reflect on your final bill. As for your final bill, it is due the day of your party. To reserve, please call to check on date and availability.

Open play session are now being help by appointment on Tuesday and Thursday. As we do at times hold private events during those hours. Friday are usually always open to the public from 430-7pm. However, please call a day before to schedule an open play session and/or to check if there is a private party being held. We would hate for you to show up and not be able to jump due to a scheduled private party or a closed facility.

Any addition questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Hope to hear from you soon.